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Our services have evolved based on the needs of our customers, not the other way around.

When there’s only a hammer at hand, all the problems start looking like nails. It would be terribly easy to focus on just a few technologies and solve our customers’ problems with them. However, we chose the other path right from the start. We swear by a few principles that form the value base of our development work. We avoid vendor lock-ins all the way. We always choose the best technological solution and look for the right elements for the project. Business understanding is the cornerstone supporting the expertise in all our elements. We always promise a guarantee for all the codes we generate.

Software development
Product development
Payment solutions

Software development

Software development is not just about coding or designing digital products merely for the sake of form. We see software development as a safeguard behind a company’s competitive edge, a differentiating strength that should always produce more than what is invested in it.

We look at development work through our own productised Future proof process. We focus on customer needs as well as identify and study the business models, successes, and failures of the industries concerned. We shape an overall picture and vision of the solution that best suits the customer.

We build our co-operation on a sustainable basis, which means that we don’t leave our customers in trouble: rather, we support business through continuous maintenance and product development.

We provide our customers with scalable resources for all components of their projects, from the development effort to testing, architectural construction, and demanding integrations. Our software expertise is based on the Python-Selenium-Robot framework.

Product development

The world is never ready. Nor are software solutions. Although we plan our services to withstand the future, they also require continuous development work: Maintenance, control, improvements and changes. Together with the customer, our senior-level developers and business development professionals form agile teams that ensure results from day one of collaboration.

With our product development services, we help our customers create digital products and services, enabling the implementation of fixed-price projects. We help you choose the right solutions without any binding commitments to any particular business model or supplier.

Payment solutions

Engaging clients as loyal customers is not easy. When a company deserves customer trust, it is important to respond to that trust in equal measure. We have built several dozen payment solutions for our customers over the years. 

We can build payment solutions for our customers from our own, branded payment cards to mobile applications that even allow customers to pay for their purchases with the bonuses they earn.

We have extensive experience in card and payment solutions. Our parent company, PCKT Money Oyj, is a Mastercard Issuing licensee and an operator under Fiva’s control, which enables us to offer Mastercard’s prepaid, debit and credit card services.

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