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Getting acquainted during teleworking


What’s going on in your colleague’s life? Why was he so tense during the morning meeting? What does that guy really want from his career and our company?

Telework poses new dilemmas for work communities. It is no longer possible to casually exchange news on the way to lunch, or rate last night’s concert while the coffee machine grinds away.

Teleworking poses its very own challenges for corporate management. You want to hold on to good employees and provide opportunities to do a range of tasks, but how when you only know the person from their work and remote meetings? You will only gain a highly superficial idea of an employee’s general mood if you never meet face-to-face.

At Devolon, meetings are problematic because we work in four separate countries and five different locations. So we have begun resolving these issues in new ways.

Firstly, we continuously ask staff for feedback on bothersome issues and address particular matters in our joint monthly meeting. The key element here is repetition. When we first asked for feedback, there was little reaction, but after a few times it began to flow.

People wondered about fairly normal issues. For example, are old outlets being wound down as new ones are opened? The management had no such intentions, but the question naturally occurred to staff. On the other hand, we wanted more cohesion, for example – a sign that we belong to the same group, so we decided to order hoodies with the company’s logo for all staff.

We also decided to approach staff directly and individually – to ask what kinds of career paths they want to build in our company.

Does anyone just want to focus on coding? Are you specifically interested in being ‘front’ or ‘back’ of house, or do you want to become a ‘full stack’ professional? Does anyone want to move from coding to leading projects? Are you interested in sales, human resources or management?

We are finding out about these issues by commissioning a survey outlining the requirements of various tasks in our company and asking employees to indicate how interested they are in each task, on a scale of 1-5.

This is how we, the management, learn about the potential of our staff, while assuring employees that they are being listened to. It also provides a better idea of how colleagues encountered remotely are feeling.

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