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At the heart of everything we do is the idea of what we think software development should be at its very easiest.

Throughout our history, we have emphasised the importance of sensible, resilient technology choices and design. Intangible product development does not have to be disposable. With the right choices, software and other solutions will be more usable, customer-friendlier, and more financially sustainable. Our senior-level architects, application developers and project professionals operate in accordance with our Future proof process, in which we study and test each stage of development work according to carefully selected parameters, creating sustainable and high-quality code for our customers.


“Flexibility and the ability to react according to each customer is paramount.”

Developing customer satisfaction and experience is not rocket science. The most important skill is to be able to put yourself in the position of the customer, and critically evaluate your own performance through those lenses. This way we’ve developed services that we ourselves would be willing to buy.

Perttu Rytsölä

Director of Development

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