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Software development in itself is challenging enough – it no longer needs to be hampered by a software development partner. With this simple insight, we have been providing senior-level software development for our clients’ projects since 2002. We look at the software industry through the sustainable lenses of the future. We anticipate changes affecting the customer's business, always implement solutions with the most appropriate technology, and ensure our customer's success through the Future Proof Development™ process we’ve developed.


“We offer the kind of service one would buy oneself.”

‘We offer the kind of service we’d buy ourselves.’

Devolon's story began in 2002, when Jaakko Rytsölä noticed a niche for an agile, scalable software house in the Finnish market. Jaakko has many years behind him working in various Finnish technology and telecommunications companies. From the very beginning, Devolon has built its competitive advantage on reasonably priced, scalable software that meets the demands of international know-how. ‘Developing customer satisfaction and experience isn’t rocket science. The most important skill is to be able to put yourself in the position of the customer, and critically evaluate your own performance through those lenses. This way we’ve developed services that we ourselves would be willing to buy.’

Jaakko Rytsölä

CEO, Founder

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How to avoid vendor lock-in?


When choosing a service provider, it is important to avoid vendor lock-in. This simply means that the service provider binds the customer to itself against the customer’s best interests. The problem results in high and generally rising prices and difficulty of switching suppliers Here, we have brought together some advice, based on experience, that we […]

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Is agility always a good thing?


The field of software development has long been dominated by ‘Agile’ methods. ‘Agile’ is synonymous with modern practices, and without exception, software houses have ditched old waterfall-type methods in favour of ‘agile’ development processes. But has this always been the right solution? Does anyone dare to question the status quo? To some extent, Agile can […]

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Case: Museum Card – five years later


In early May 2015, exciting days were underway as the Museum Card system was first introduced. On the same day, 180 sites were opened where the card could be sold and used, and an online shop and customer pages were activated.   Everything was ready just in time. At the beginning of February, after a […]

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